Welcome To My Personal Blog

Our first post. Learn more about me and what this blog is about.

Welcome To My Personal Blog

Hello and welcome to the branding spanking new blog. This is something we’ve been brainstorming forever so I’m excited to finally be able to bring it to your screens.

This is a space to flesh out many of the topics from my YouTube channel (subscribe if you didn't) in greater detail, as well as some new and original content from myself and my team. We’ll be covering different technology topics, giving advice around start-ups and my experience with them, and documenting the YouTube and Digital Nomad journey. There will also be plenty of me writing about my life (this is a blog after all) and the lessons I’ve learned working in the tech industry as a digital nomad.

If you’re stuck on a tube and need some reading, writing an essay and looking for a perfectly-curated selection of up-to-date technology information, or just wanting to learn more about a video topic - this is the place for you.

So, hopefully some of you will have come from YouTube, and if you know me already, welcome; If not, I’ll give you the bullet-stop tour.

My name is Charles Kerr, I work in the Growth Development team in the YouTube branch of Google. I run a YouTube channel where I give an insider look at Google, talk about my lifestyle as a digital nomad (check this video if you don’t know what this is yet!) and give tips and advice about technology and life in general. I live in London, I started a non-profit called People of the Streets, I can drive a tractor and my dog is called Heidi.

That’s me, but I’m keen to get to know you guys better! It’s always interesting to know where people are watching/reading from so please get in touch on Twitter! Lastly, and maybe most importantly, if you haven’t checked out the YouTube channel yet make sure to head over there and subscribe so you don’t miss out on the newest technology content, uploaded twice weekly!

Thanks for reading guys, our first proper post! It should be up fairly soon so keep an eye out for that!