I Got a Job at Youtube

I've got a new job at Google. Check this article to find more about it!

I Got a Job at Youtube

Hello again Friends, welcome back to the blog. Today is going to be a super quick post just addressing the elephant in the room: considering most of the content I make is about Google, what do I actually do there? I’ve had a few comments about it and (slightly-belatedly) thought it was worth running through, now that I’ve changed roles into the YouTube department.

So, what do I do?

If you’ve seen any of the content on the channel you probably know I work full time at Google, and have done for 2 years now. For much of my time there I was working in the Ads team as a Marketing Strategist, the role that I was originally hired to do. In that role ‘accounts’ or clients would come to the team/me, and ask how they could grow their business with Google. I would work with the team to tailor a plan for them, recommending different tools, approaches, services and strategies that Google has to offer.

This all changed in November when I pivoted to a new role, in a brand new team. Now I work as a ‘YouTube Expansion Specialist’ as part of a super small start-up style team. I work with a super select group of clients in the UK and Ireland who want to use YouTube as a tool to grow their business (very similarly to my previous role but based solely in YouTube!). Most of these clients already have video assets and want to increase their engagement, quality of their output and reach - to in-turn grow their business.

One of the best characteristics of this new job is that it is completely cross-industry. I have clients in beauty, medicine, food, supplements, phone cases and everything in-between. Because we are a hyper focused small team, we can focus individually on each project and create something totally different and optimal for their industry. This basically entails looking through all the key aspects of a great video:

  • What is the creative strategy?
  • Are they actually interesting videos?
  • Does it hook you into the video in 5-10 seconds, or are you losing the audience?
  • Who is the audience?

Beyond the video itself, we also help with measurements of views and conversions, empowering the creator and client with the tools to understand and manipulate these statistics. We also discuss the financial aspect of the promotion, talking about the budget and spend available from each company.

These clients arrive on my desk after the business approaches Google looking for help with YouTube promotion. I come in as a super specialised YouTube Consultant, focused only on helping them grow on YouTube as a platform. As someone who makes videos and is now advising people on how to succeed on the platform, I’m living a double life on YouTube. In the day I’m working with amazing brands on their projects, and in the evening working on my own content, employing similar strategies and benefiting from each one feeding into the other. 

I love that we were set up as a brand new team, giving everything the start-up vibe that I know and am used to! We are predominantly just scaling the work companies are doing to brand new heights. For example, before December I was working with some of the biggest UK brands on their Christmas projects, trying to galvanise the incredibly expansive audience that YouTube has and convert watchers into buyers.

So that’s it! I was a Marketing Strategist, I am now a YouTube Expansion Specialist in a small team. 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope it answered any of the questions you had about my role - if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch on the channel with any more queries. 

Until next time,