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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for freelance / contract work?

I am available to work both with creators and businesses. Unfortunately, I only accept 3 clients at the time, so reach out immediately if you are interested in working with me.

Are you open for podcast invites?

More than happy to be a guest at your podcast if I see we are a fit. Please reach out and explain a bit more about yourself and your podcast. Once I do a bit of my own research, I will reply if I think it would work.

Are you open for guest-posts on your blog?

Yes, reach out for more information.

Are you currently looking for fulltime roles?

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What's your past experience on YouTube?

As I mentioned across my website, I am currently a Growth Lead at YouTube, meaning I work with clients to improve their YouTube efforts and how to best utilise the platform for various different goals. Previously, I was Marketing Strategist in Ads team, where I served clients and small-businesses to identify needs of their customers, generate leads and revenue through video campaigns.

Finally, I have my own YouTube channel, where I publish content about Life at Google, productivity and tech. Recently, I have been digital nomad(ing) a lot, and talked a lot about it on my channel. While being creator myself, I understand the struggles and can help creators overcome those to achieve better results. I have also attended Part-time YouTuber Academy by Ali Abdaal, and shortly after became alumni and housemaster for later cohorts.